Great GoogaMooga Trading Cards


It started with a simple idea—that GoogaMooga could extend beyond the boundaries of a three-day festival; that there was more to be done with the chefs, brewers, wine makers and artisans that we’d assembled. As much as GoogaMooga is an annual destination, we also wanted it to be a forum for conversation around food. It made sense to start producing content that used our festival and its icons as a jumping off point. From here, our trading card series was born.

We covered a pin board at Superfly HQ with trading card art that evoked a certain feeling—a fever dream of late 70s and early 80s design hallmarks. Chewbacca next to Bowie; Patrick Ewing in short shorts overlapping with Garbage Pail Kids and scratch n’ sniff stickers. Editorial Director Jordana Rothman built each of the five packs around a specific theme—showcasing pork obsessives, sausage traditions and more—and used the card format to tell those stories. We pulled in a team of writers we trust and tapped Doug Cunningham, the visionary behind Dumbo design firm Morning Breath Inc., to run with it. The result is a vibrant series of cards that function as both narrative pieces and objets d’art.

The cards will be available around the city during the week leading up to GoogaMooga, and will be abundant on the festival’s grounds. Stop by the Express Yurt Self hosted by Lexus, or catch a show on the Joe’s Pub Stage presented by Lexus to score a pack. Check out a preview of each pack below—collect them all and hang onto them, as you would with a ticket stub or a concert poster.

GALLERY 1: Going H.A.M.


A love of pork is endemic to GoogaMooga. To wit: Our mascot, Henri, is a two-ton, fire-breathing steel pig with a functioning rotisserie in his gut. But there is also a strong emphasis on swine among our vendors—folks like Sara Jenkins, who made her name with the iconic Italian roast, porchetta and Tom Mylan, of Brooklyn butcher shop the Meat Hook. For our Going H.A.M. pack, writer Winnie Yang chats up these two titans, along with Dale Talde (Pork Slope) and Anthony Masters (Fatty ‘Cue).

hamageddoncenteredgap fattycuecenteredgap
porchettacenteredgap porkslopecenteredgap ct200hcenteredgap


GALLERY 2: Sausage Party!


We love a good hot dog as much as the next red-blooded American. In this pack writer Mari Uyehara takes a look at some of the sausages on vend at this year’s GoogaMooga, and the toughs who are making them behind the scenes. Chefs like April Bloomfield (the Breslin), Bryan Calvert (James) and Miguel Trinidad (Jeepney) posed for these street gang-inspired portraits—even fine dining kingpin Daniel Boulud (DBGB) let us drape him in chains and saucissons.

dbgbcenteredgap jamescenteredgap spottedpigcenteredgap crifdogcenteredgap jeepneycenteredgap lexusIS350Fsporcenteredgap


GALLERY 3: Drinking Buddies


There’s never been a better time to drink in New York. Over the past few years, the city has distinguished itself as a mecca for craft cocktails, for ambitious beer brewers and even for winemakers, who are fine-tuning dynamic bottles in converted warehouses on the fringes of Brooklyn. For this pack, writer and Editorial Director Jordana Rothman spoke to one cocktail figure who has deep roots in Gotham’s drinking scene (matriarch Julie Reiner) and one relative newcomer who is making serious waves (Jack McGarry of the just-opened Dead Rabbit). She also connected with Damian Brown who is bringing beer production back to the fifth borough at the Bronx Brewery. And she explored two different points of view around wine, chatting with a producer (Mark Snyder of Red Hook Winery) and a sommelier (Laura Maniec of Corkbuzz Wine Studio).

bronxbrewerycenteredgap redhookwinerycenteredgap
deadrabbitcenteredgap corkbuzzcenteredgap cloverclubcenteredgap


GALLERY 4: Brain Hacks


Writer Chris Schonberger took the reigns for this pack, which explores the influences of some of the most creative culinary minds participating in GoogaMooga this year. This sundry group of talents includes Andy Ricker of Pok Pok Ny who speaks to Chris about the problem of authenticity, and M. Wells Dinette chef Hugue Dufour who discusses the impact of dreams on the creative process. Justin Warner (Do or Dine), Christopher Kostow (The Restaurant at Meadowood) and Carla Rzeszewski (The Breslin) also appear in this pack.

mwellsdinettecenteredgap meadowoodcenteredgap doordinecenteredgap
breslincenteredgap gs450hcenteredgap


GALLERY 5: What Mama Made


Like a lot of people, we can trace many of our instincts and desires around food to our ancestral kitchens—the food our mothers made, for better or worse, stays with us. For this pack, we wanted to take a look at the culinary lineage of chefs and restaurateurs like Eddie Huang (Baohaus) and Dan Holzman (the Meatball Shop). Writer Jasmine Moy also connected with Marcos Lainez of Red Hook Ballfields staple El Olomega, Robert Newton of Seersucker and Rae Bernamoff of Mile End to talk about their mothers’ influence. She pairs portraits of their moms with tales of their influence in the kitchen, and a family recipe.

baohauscenteredgap mileendcenteredgap meatballshopcenteredgap elolomegacenteredgap seersuckercenteredgap lexusrx350centeredgap


Gallery 6: Chase Cards and Completed Map Image

One bonus insert—called a “chase card”—appears in each pack. There are nine chase cards total, each featuring a peel-able, iconographic food sticker, such as a bowl of ramen, a banana split or a piña colada. For these drawings, we turned to Carlo Stanga, a Milanese illustrator. Stanga also designed the highly-detailed image of New York City—made entirely out of food—that appears on the back of the chase cards. Collect all nine and you can piece together the map, which features an oyster shell waterfront, the Freedom Tower as a club sandwich, and the Statue of Liberty clutching a dirty water dog.

taco icecreamsundae
hotdog pizza
coconut burger pretzel
ramen beer

puzzle1 puzzle2 puzzle3
puzzle4 puzzle5 puzzle6
puzzle7 puzzle8 puzzle9